The Turnaround Report

The Turnaround Report

The Turnaround Report focuses exclusively on publicly-traded North American equities currently engaged in court-assisted reorganizations conducted under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code and/or the Bankruptcy Insolvency Act (BIA) and the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) under Canadian jurisdiction.  The deliverables include bankruptcy and post-bankruptcy event calendars, and featured reports of post-bankruptcy ideas.


The research methodology employed under The Turnaround Report service encompasses end-to-end bankruptcy coverage, commencing at the formal date of filing through and including the company’s emergence as a publicly-traded equity operating in the post-reorganization realm.

Monthly coverage includes in-depth analysis of current and post-reorganization cases, comprised of timely bankruptcy announcements, case-specific developments and situational updates, as well as valuation-based initiation reports including recommendations on unimpaired or new equity issued under the reorganization proceedings.

Utilizing an investigative style of research, each turnaround case is examined through a capital restructuring lens, identifying the direct drivers leading to the Chapter 11 or related reorganization filing, as well as the specific transactions implemented under the Plan of Reorganization and accompanying Disclosure Statement as a means to create a more manageable and deleveraged capital structure.

Monthly investment recommendations are predicated upon a thorough blend of fundamental qualitative and quantitative analysis, supported by a rigorous examination of the prepetition and post-reorganization challenges facing each particular firm in the context of its competitive environment.

While each post bankruptcy case is specific to the unique events surrounding the precipitated filing, the ultimate focus of the report is to identify the turnaround situations likely to present significant deviations relative to inherent firm value versus market perceived levels. 

Deliverables and Pricing

The Service Includes:

  • Featured Reports- which provide in-depth analysis on all U.S. publicly traded post-bankruptcies, and current Chapter 11 situations
  • Intra-Monthly Emails- on timely events, updates and announcements of companies that are in Chapter 11 and post-bankruptcies
  • Monthly Calendars- including Post-Bankruptcy, Emergence, Announcement, and Potential
  • Archived Reports- are provided on WhiteSand Research’s website 
  • Access to our Financial Weapons blog, with relevent news updates as well as access to the WhiteSand research user community
  • Access to our WhiteSand Research Twitter and Facebook communities, with up-to-the minute news on spin-offs, post-bankruptcies, bankruptcies and other restructurings


  • This is a yearly-based subscription 
  • There are unlimited users that can be added to the distribution list
  • This is an approved soft dollar-able service and clients have the freedom to use any broker