The Corporate Restructuring Report

The Corporate Restructuring Report focuses on various companies currently engaged in out-of-court restructuring and bankruptcy transactions designed to enhance competitive positioning and create more manageable and deleveraged capital structures.


The research methodology employed under The Corporate Restructuring Report service entails a robust proprietary screening process designed to present and highlight significant restructuring events likely to result in undervalued investment theses and recommendations.

Monthly coverage includes in-depth reports, alerts and analysis of key restructuring events including, but not limited to, Chapter 11 Bankruptcies, debt redemptions, asset divestitures, spin-offs and equity carve outs, as well as recent management changes.

Utilizing a rigorous and time-intensive approach, The Corporate Restructuring Report seeks to uncover, isolate and assess the validity of the most significant restructuring events likely to provide companies with the necessary means to generate consistent cash flow and earnings growth in light of a recently implemented shift in corporate strategy.  

Monthly investment recommendations are based upon an integrated approach of fundamental qualitative and quantitative analysis, including an in-depth examination of each restructuring event in the context of overall firm health and financial viability, shifting macroeconomic and sector-specific trends, as well as the direct alignment of management strategy and shareholder interests. 

With each situation examined on a case-by-case basis, the ultimate focus of The Corporate Restructuring Report is to pinpoint the restructuring events likely to present opportunistic equity valuations that are expected to outperform current market perceived pricing levels.

Deliverables and Pricing

The Service Includes:

  • Featured Reports- which provide in-depth analysis with price targets on spinoff situations
  • Intra-Monthly Emails- on timely restructuring events
  • Weekly Emails- The Exec Report Calendar & Feature Report
  • Monthly Calendars- including Potential Spinoffs, Spin-off Annoucements, Debt Redemptions, Divestitures, and Corporate Buybacks
  • Featured Reports- which provide in-depth analysis on all U.S. publicly traded post-bankruptcies, and current bankruptcy situations
  • Intra-Monthly Emails- on timely events, updates and announcements of companies that are in Chapter 11 and post-bankruptcies
  • Monthly Calendars- including Post-Bankruptcy, Emergence, Announcement, and Potential Bankruptcies
  • Archived Reports- are provided on WhiteSand Research’s website
  • Access to our Financial Weapons blog, with relevent news updates as well as access to the WhiteSand research user community
  • Access to our WhiteSand Research Twitter and Facebook communities, with up-to-the minute news on spin-offs and bankruptcies and other restructurings


  • This is a yearly-based subscription 
  • There are unlimited users that can be added to the distribution list
  • This is an approved soft dollar-able service and clients have the freedom to use any broker