The Corporate Restructuring Report

The Corporate Restructuring Report is a subscription based service that provides detailed investment research on spinoffs and post-bankruptcy situations. There are two types of deliverables with this product: 1) a monthly calendar that highlights the schedule of events and our updated opinions, and 2) detailed reports with price targets and recommendations on all publicly traded spinoffs and post-reorgs in the U.S.

Included in the monthly report are predictions on potential ideas and also a comprehensive list of completed transactions. Additionally, we offer news flashes regularly as new spinoffs and bankruptcies are announced, proving you with up-to-date news in this space.

For Spin Offs our process works as follows:

* Once complete filling is provided we produce a report valuing both pieces.
* After it separates, we continue to follow and issue updates if we see an opportunity where the market has mispriced or misunderstood the spin or parent.

For Post-Bankruptcy:

* Once their plan of Reorg is approved and it is going trade publically then we start analyzing the business.
* After it begins to trade we issue a report on that company with a current valuation.

Our research is archived on our website. As a subscriber you will have ID and Password.

Whitesand Research specializes in event-driven and special situations research.  The research analyses all aspects of the event, and provides independent reports. 


About us

WhiteSand Research, LLC is a minority owned full-service financial consulting firm that offers a variety of research & consulting services as well as a range of recruiting services to institutional investors, hedge funds, and investment firms.